Can you hear me Grandma?

My grandma is a very smart and strong-willed woman. At first I was confused when she didn’t seem to hear or respond to what myself or other members of my family were saying. Then it dawned on me, she was oblivious to the fact that anything had been said. At the ripe old age of eighty-four, she had begun to lose her hearing.

Being determined, and not wanting to admit to herself, or others that there was a problem, she refuses to get hearing aids. This has made conversations interesting to say the least. Often times you must practically yell for her to hear you, especially if we’re out in public. There are even times where she will ask the person sitting or standing closest to her to repeat what was said.

I admire my grandma; she is one of the strongest women I know. I do wish that she would realize that losing her hearing is not a sign of weakness. I would love to be able to hold conversations with her without having to constantly repeat myself. Regardless, her stubbornness is a good thing. It’s what makes her who she is.

The Star Treatment

Have you ever wondered how much work that goes into making the people on your television and movie screen look the way they do? Last year I spent a year on the set of an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, and I can tell you this: it’s no cakewalk. Everyone involved in the process is constantly bombarded with powder puffs and eyeliner appliers. There’s scarcely a square foot in the movie lot that isn’t occupied by a Manchester makeup artist of some sort. After seeing the amount of makeup involved in making the stars look presentable on the big screen, I’ve started feeling a bit more confident in my own appearance. When all is done, I think everyone should have the same experience I did, in order to break down some of the barriers and facades of our rat race modern “image is everything” themed society.

The Growing Garden

In a magical forest far far away lived a little old man who loved his garden. Everyday he would go out just to sit and enjoy all the wonderful plants that he had grown from the time when he moved into his small cottage long ago. One morning, however, he woke up to find that his flowers had already been watered and the front yard had been neatly trimmed. In amazement he gazed out to the distance as he looked to see if anybody had left in a hurry.

Seeing nobody he smiled widely as he turned to go back into the house for his morning coffee. It still seemed strangely weird to him that somebody would travel all the way out to the middle of his humble home to grant him such a surprise. Knowing it didn’t rain the little old man finally discovered the instant hedging device receipt.

Better Than a Massage

“What was I thinking?” Julie asked herself as she lay on the massage table waiting for her therapist to come in. Julie was on vacation, a vacation her family took every year on Labor Day. Every year, Julie got the same hot stone massage from the same massage therapist. This year was different, the therapist had become an acupuncturist over the year and had somehow talked her into getting acupuncture Manchester.

As she lay on the bed waiting for the therapist to come in she felt a little knot in her stomach. She hated needles.

“This isn’t what I should be feeling before a massage,” she said under her breath. Right then the massage therapist-turned-acupuncturist came in. She felt sick. Soon he was putting little tiny needles all down her spine, some around her shoulder blades, some on her neck and a few on her feet.

“This isn’t so bad,” Julie said in relief, and it wasn’t bad. It was actually very relaxing.

The next day, Julie felt so much better; her energy was increased, her back felt better and she had even slept better that night. She was hooked and already wondering where they offered this Chinese tradition back at home.